Friday, April 9, 2010


One moment to sit beside you,

One moment to hold you,

One moment to look in your eyes,

And lose myself in you.

One moment to share,

One moment to care,

One moment to rest my thoughts,

In the comfort of your shoulder’s care.

One moment in your amazing embrace,

One moment to feel the touch of your hands,

One moment to kiss your lips,

One moment, I wish is all I could have.

One moment with you,

Feels like a thousand lives lived through,

And a single moment without you,

Makes one life hard to live, Baby its true.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have no words, but still I want to express it.

I want to express, how it feels,

How it feels to hold you.

All my life, I’ve been longing for you,

And there you are,

Now I don’t want to let you go.

I don’t know how long I have you with me,

So I want to live with you,

Live all my moments with you.

You are a long-cherished dream, that’s fulfilled.

How do I lose you?

It’ll drive me Insane.

Tears wouldn’t cease and my eyes would say it all.

My heart beats and my soul pants,

To live with you till eternity comes through.

Hey listen, My Love,

That’s what I feel for you,

To hold you in my arms is all I wanna do.

Everything I do.

Every song that I sing,

Every melody I play.

You’ll be my theme.

Life is full of surprises,

It rise and falls like tides,

Where will I be tomorrow,

Nothing I am sure about.

One thing I know is,

I’ll hold you close,

Close to my heart,

Till my eyes close.

Look at the heavens,

Those brilliant stars up there,

You are the moon and I’m the ocean.

Your image I see in myself,

And I feel I’ve touch your face,

But it’s only a fantasy.

You are up there, like the King of the night,

And I’m deeper, so deep that I can’t get you, right?

Well, your beauty is bliss,

And my calm is amazed.

Will you ever come down?

I love you; wanna touch your face,

And you say to me,

Touch me if you can,

And I become the rain.

Just to touch you, I’ll change myself.

Are you happy now?

My heart is free from pain.